You can always teach an old dog new tricks so there are no age limits when it comes to training. Not only do we teach obedience but we can help with behavior modification and unruly dogs too. Even though we are dog trainers it is important for us to train the owners as well. We want to make sure that each owner has the  tools to continue on with the training throughout the dogs life!


Our trainer, Tressie, has been training professionally since she became an Accredited Pet Trainer in 2010. She trained a mobility/PTSD service dog for NFL player Brian Schaeffering. Before her career, she participated in dog shows through 4-H and FFA. She has judged several dog obedience events as well as being a participant herself. Tressie is a balanced trainer, who uses the best methods for each dog/case. She keeps an open mind when evaluating a dog and is always extending her knowledge on a daily basis. She has experience with therapy dogs, service dogs, obedience events, and protection sports.


Trainer's Thoughts