Stay & Train Program

 We only offer one program because it works and the results speak for itself. During your dogs stay, he/she will be living with our trainer in an in-home setting (no kennel runs), where your dog will get individual attention. Throughout your dogs stay, we work on socializing, teaching basic-advanced commands and making sure that commands are reliable not only in your home but out in public.

Once your dog has completed the program, then our trainer will spend time training you. We believe that in order for our program to work that each owner must have the proper understanding of their dogs commands.


Our Stay & Train program is 4 weeks long and it includes 2 follow-up sessions. The first session is used when your dog completes the program and the other session is there for you to use at any time that is needed.

You also will receive an update each week so you can follow your dogs progress. An update may consist of a description, photo and/or videos.

We do offer behavior modification as well, but depending on the severity, the Stay & Train program may range from 4-6 weeks.

Price: $1000/4 weeks, which includes door-to-door pick up and delivery, training collar (if needed), 2 follow-up sessions, and lifetime support.

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